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bangSpotOne of the guiding principles behind the IFS is that the cinema should be a place blessedly free from commercials. We also limit ourselves to four media sponsors. The three media sponsors we currently have help with in-kind advertising trades. We are looking for a fourth to help with some of the costs associated with printing the Fall and Spring calendar (circulation 14,000). As a media sponsor you would have your logo on the bottom of every printed IFS calendar as well as the bottom of all ads fliers and, best of all, on the big screen before every IFS film! Our yearly print and schedule distribution costs come to about $8,000 and we are looking for a $2,000 contribution to offset those costs.

Write me at to discuss details.

Support Film Culture in Boulder

Any donation will help us and is tax deductible. It can be made by clicking on the button below. The International Film Series has been serving the Boulder community since 1941. Our mission has always been to provide an affordable, high-quality, non-profit film program that balances newer arthouse titles with all manner of classics and rarities. We also bring in a long list of special guests too numerous to mention here, but easily accessible via the timeline on the home-page. We have reel-to-reel projectors in all of our venues, and this is key to what separates us from all other venues in Boulder. We are the only movie program in Boulder that still regularly screens 35mm film prints every week as part of our Fall and Spring series, some of which are not otherwise available via the new digital standards. The IFS is not just a calendar movie house, it is a museum where you can watch reel-to-reel films that showcase the rich legacy of film culture from our past, as well as a tightly curated movie series that cherry-picks the best titles screening at film festivals across the country.

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Pablo Kjolseth
IFS Director